Here’s the list of banned substances you won’t find in Apple products

In a blog post, Apple environmental head Lisa Jackson published a specification outlining which substances cannot be used in Apple products and packaging, as well as details on Apple’s investigation into whether the chemicals benzene and n-hexane were being used in final assembly factories.

Obama’s second term: What it means for cleantech

As President Obama gears up for his second term, he gave significant lip service to the cause of climate change during his State of the Union. But to make changes and go around Congress, he’s going to have to get creative.

Republican Goal: To Weaken Clean Power Laws

Renewable energy advocates like to say their causes are bi-partisan because they are fighting for cleaner energy and job creation. Not for many Republicans. In fact, some already are working hard to weaken regulations for adding more solar, wind and others.

Earth2Tech’s Top 15 Connected Car Influencers

On the cusp of a new generation of electric vehicles and the buildout of a smart grid, connected cars — vehicles linked to the power grid and communication networks — could mean a transportation system for the digital age. Here are the key players involved.

Rumor Has It: Camera Still Bound for iPod Touch

At the Apple (s aapl) iPod event this past September, the iPod nano got a video upgrade, but despite rumors to the contrary, the iPod touch didn’t get a similar treatment. The Internet was ablaze with expectation thanks to the appearance of a number of iPod touch cases with camera holes built in, all positioned the same, which seemed like a fair indicator that video was coming to the touchscreen iPod.

Even after the newest touch model was released, teardowns revealed what looked like a space reserved for the camera internally. Apple seemed to be holding back for some reason, and recently reports have been made that that is indeed the case, and that a camera-wielding iPod touch will appear in Spring of 2010. Read More about Rumor Has It: Camera Still Bound for iPod Touch

Legends of LALA Mixes Reality, Fiction and Good Tunes

[show=legendsoflala size=large]One possible definition for the concept of a legend is the place where reality and fiction mix, ideally for the telling of a good story. This proves to be a good way to describe Legends of LALA, a quasi-fauxumentary series about the Los Angeles music scene that features real singer/songwriters seeking fame and fortune. Their portal to success could be the legendary record producer Nick Silver — though, probably not.
For Silver is a fictional character, played by an undisclosed actor/director series creator Matthew Arnold met through a mutual friend. “I thought he’d be the perfect metaphor for the old-school record label,” he said via chat. “EVERYONE in rock and roll swears they know a Nick.”
Phil Spector-ish in looks and appearance (sans the murder charges), Silver exists as the voice of the now-dying music industry, going on an impressive rant in episode 1 about how things have changed since the 70s heydays of rock and roll. It concludes with a knowing wink to the audience — an unseen narrator, who sounds vaguely like Derek Zoolander trying to do a British accent, remarks: “Nick ranted for 35 minutes, until we ran out of tape.” But the points he’s making still have salience. Read More about Legends of LALA Mixes Reality, Fiction and Good Tunes