Verizon takes the Netflix bait

By threatening legal action in response to Netflix’s trash-talking, Verizon may have fallen into the very trap Netflix set for it.

Justice Department could hold key to Aereo outcome

The outcome of the Aereo case could turn on whether a majority of the justices can get comfortable distinguishing Aereo from Cablevision, allowing them to craft an opinion that finds Aereo to be illegal without disturbing the result of the Cablevision case.

Viacom, Google take down YouTube lawsuit

The settlement comes two days before the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and the NTIA are scheduled to convene a meeting among stakeholders on improving the notice-and-takedown process at the heart of many DMCA disputes.

Dish Hops over the top

Dish Network’s linear streaming deal with Disney won’t be the last of its kind. But don’t expect the floodgates to be thrown open generally just yet, either.

How far could the Supreme Court go in Aereo?

The pushback from lower courts on both Cablevison and Aereo has been joined by a growing chorus of scholarly criticism of the Second Circuit’s reasoning and conclusions.

A jailbreak in Europe

The European Court of Justice this week ruled that the law’s protection of DRM against circumvention does not apply where the DRM has the effect of blocking commercially legitimate uses along with illegitimate ones if a less restrictive alternative is available