Exclusive Preview: LittleSnapper for the iPhone


The included Camera App on the iPhone is pretty much featureless: Take a picture and you’re done. You must use the Photos app if you want to view or share (via MobileMe) your photos. What if you need more?

If you’re a fan of LittleSnapper, which we have reviewed before, then the folks at Realmac Software have a pleasant surprise for you. Coming very soon to the App Store, LittleSnapper for the iPhone (s aapl) will tantalize you with it’s rich feature set and high utility.
Realmac Software was kind enough to give us an exclusive preview of LittleSnapper for the iPhone. You won’t find this anywhere else, so please enjoy.
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Say Cheese: 3 Screen Capture Tools Reviewed

screencapiconsDo you have a need to capture screenshots for personal or work use? If so, you are in luck as the market for these tools is improving. In case you did not know, Apple provides default screenshot capturing within OS X (via command keys) and also provides an enhanced free tool (Grab). However, if you need more control than what Apple provides, you will want to read on and see what else is available to you.

We’ll be taking a look at three different screen capture tools. A longtime standard of mine has been Ambrosia’s Snapz Pro X. Another very popular tool is Plasq’s Skitch. And a short while ago, the folks at RealMac software released LittleSnapper, a new tool that takes a different approach to screenshot capturing.

Let’s take a look at what each tool provides…
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LittleSnapper Preview Screencast

After loving Plasq’s Skitch for a while now, I didn’t think I could have feelings for another screen capture utility. At an early glance, it appears I may need to re-evaluate my former stance. Now a days, I’m really looking forward to LittleSnapper from Real Mac Software.

Today the Real Mac folks have released a great screencast of the application doing its thing, sharing screen captures, and I can’t be more excited! It looks very slick visually, and extremely organized for those hoping to keep their Pictures folder in a somewhat presentable state. Writing for The Apple Blog — and for far less important reasons — I take lots of screen shots, so features such as these have a lot of utility for me.
There’s a lot of other great looking features that I can’t wait to play with. Go ahead and take a look at the video below and you too can get excited.
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