Aereo: Skinny live, deep library

Aereo has no plans to start recreating the full pay-TV bundle by layering on channels that predominantly carry programming for which live access adds little value.

Fastest growing segment of piracy? Live TV

A new study from Google and the UK copyright collection society PRS for Music finds that live TV is the fastest-growing segment of copyright infringement — and a large presence on social networking sites.

With Starz exiting, Netflix loses access to live TV

As of Wednesday, Netflix subscribers don’t have access to the Starz Play live TV feed anymore, effectively ending what could have become Netflix’s live TV streaming business. Never heard of the ability to watch live TV through the Netflix website? You’re not alone.

Iomega TV with Boxee won’t be sold in the U.S.

Are you still waiting to buy Iomega’s Boxee set-top box? Then maybe it’s time to look for alternatives or call your relatives in the UK: Iomega just told us that it won’t be selling the device in the U.S. but will concentrate on Europe instead.

Confirmed: The Boxee Box is getting a live TV dongle

Boxee just confirmed the live TV dongle we first reported about a week ago: Boxee Box users will be able to watch free live HD TV on the device starting in January, when the USB dongle will go on sale for $49.

Cord Cutters: Take over-the-air TV everywhere

Over-the-air television is great — unless you run into reception issues that prevent you from enjoying those free HD channels. In this episode of Cord Cutters, we are taking a look at a device that allows you to take over the air everywhere.

For the lulz: Have we traded protest for performance?

The turmoil created by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation has pulled back the curtain on the cosy relationship between politicians, police and the media. But those who are angriest seem reduced to stunts — hacking websites and throwing pies. Is this really the best we can do?

Where to watch the Murdoch testimony live online

Members of the U.K. parliament will be grilling Rupert Murdoch and his son James Murdoch about the phone hacking scandal today, and they will surely also have some tough questions for Murdoch’s former News International executive Rebekah Brooks. The full-length testimony will be streamed online.

Can Dyle succeed where FLO TV failed?

The Mobile Content Venture has unveiled the brand name and logo for its upcoming mobile broadcast venture, now dubbed But will this service succeed where FLO TV failed? To do so, it’ll need to be on many devices, and have content people want to watch.

Microsoft brings Bing, YouTube and live TV to Xbox

Microsoft is boosting the number of content choices available to Xbox Live users, starting with millions of video assets available from YouTube. It will also be partnering to add more live TV streams. And to navigate all of those choices, it’s adding Bing unified search.