Urban Airship hits 5B notifications as engagement reigns

For mobile developers looking to engage their users, push notifications have become a key tool in drawing users back into apps. Notification provider Urban Airship told me it has hit 5 billion push notifications since it delivered its first message a little over two years ago.

Today in Mobile

The daily deal bandwagon got more crowded today as T-Mobile USA released More for Me, an Android app that serves up offers from Living Social and other digital coupon distributors. I like T-Mo’s strategy of serving as a conduit to other offerings rather than trying to “own the customer” with its own service, because the digital deal space isn’t a winner-take-all industry. Groupon, Facebook and dozens of others are quickly moving into mobile, and we’re likely to see several players thrive. With More for Me, T-Mobile seems well-positioned to take advantage.

Groupon Files for Big IPO as It Stares Down Mounting Competition

Just months after raising $950 million, Groupon has filed for an IPO as it looks to stay ahead of a gaggle of competitors in the daily deal market. The company faces challenges in its high user acquisition cost and expansion into local and mobile.

Bye Bye Groupon, Hello thruPons?

An ex-Facebooker is looking to clip the multi-billion-dollar, daily-deals industry where it hurts by *gasp* putting local businesses back in control of their own discount destiny. Groupon and assorted clones, meet thruSocial: the first “self-serve” media advertising and deals platform for consumer businesses.

How Social Commerce Really Works & Why

We have only just taken first steps towards what is real (online) social commerce. Ex-Googler and current Facebook product manager articulates this in a must-read presentation, How Your Customers’ Social Circles Influence What They Buy, What They Do and Where They Go. Take a look.