How daily deals can target the mobile space

Groupon and LivingSocial dominate the burgeoning market for email daily deals, but the landscape could change quickly as those models expand to the much more complex world of mobile. Here’s what coupon distributors need to keep in mind as they target mobile users.

SCVNGR Founder Burns His Ships and Takes on Groupon

Alexander the Great set his own warships ablaze just to send the message there was no turning back. Two thousand years later, SCVNGR founder Seth Priebatsch doesn’t want to take over the world — he just wants to “build game layers” on top of it.

So What Comes After Social Commerce?

If the first phase of e-commerce was the utilitarian hunt for staples, the next phase of e-commerce is about recreational shopping. So it needs to be a more fun and social experience which gives an edge to companies that encourage deeper social experiences.

How Facebook Can Beat Groupon: By Making Deals Social

Facebook is planning to roll out a new version of its Deals feature soon, and the fact that this Groupon-style service will be integrated directly into a user’s news feed will make it even more obvious that Groupon and its competitors aren’t really all that social.

Why Google Still Needs to Buy a Groupon Clone

So Google is launching Groupon-style discount program for small businesses known as Google Offers. But does Google have what it takes to build up that kind of service on its own? Probably not. Which is why the company should still think about buying a Groupon clone.

LivingSocial Deal Shows the Power of Amazon Partnership

Groupon may be getting all the headlines lately, but competitor LivingSocial launched a gift-card promotion with Amazon today that shows the kind of marketing power the group-buying company now has at its disposal, as a result of the recent $175-million investment from the online retailing giant.

Why Google Should Buy a Groupon Clone

After being rebuffed by Groupon, Google is reportedly looking at acquiring another player in the group-buying space — and there are good reasons why it should do so. A marriage of local advertising and social shopping could fill a big hole in the web giant’s portfolio.