No one agrees what coworking is, academic finds

A UT researcher spent several years asking Austin area coworkers and space proprietors to define what the movement was all about. The wide array of different and even contradictory answers he came up with is both intriguing and bewildering. Can anyone define coworking?

Design stores doubling as coworking spaces

A handful of furniture and design stores are doubling up as coworking spaces, encouraging nomadic workers to drop in with their laptops. Is this a natural evolution and the beginnings of a healthy partnership, or hardly a home fit for community-focused coworkers?

The conversion to coworking 2.0 continues

Evidence from last week’s Global Coworking Unconference Conference and recent online commentary on the movement points to the fact that earlier predictions on GigaOM that coworking is undergoing a rapid and significant transformation were on to something. Should we mourn or rejoice?

Groupthink: Not an argument against coworking

“Solitude is out of fashion,” declared author Susan Cain in the New York Times Sunday Review, arguing that our fetishization of collaboration is bad for introverts and innovation. Is coworking a symptom of this groupthink or a solution to it? Space owners weigh in.