Sprint will finance Spark rollout through its network suppliers

Sprint appears ready to invest in its long-delayed Spark network rollout, but it’s getting some help from the companies that will be providing the equipment. Nokia, Samsung and Alcatel-Lucent are supplying a combined $1.8 billion in LTE gear and engineering services on credit. Sprint is getting a $300 million loan form Export Development Canada. Though Sprint didn’t announce any new timeline for the snail-pace rollout of its Spark uber-4G network, hopefully this will light the necessary fires to bring Sprint’s LTE service on par with its competitors’ sooner rather than later.

Phone subsidies: Are they just bad loans in disguise?

Free Mobile has launched a new front in its war with France’s incumbent operators. It’s taking SFR to court over the handset subsidies it charges, claiming they amount to usurious loans that consumers wind up paying back in the form of hidden fees in their contracts,

Weekly App Store Roundup: Jan. 3, 2009

Grab a party hat, don your celebratory garb and prepare to get your freak on because, praise be, it’s the first ever Weekly App Store Roundup of 2009.

Indeed, with Macworld drawing near, attendees should immediately check out our very own Conference Schedule — it’ll make sure you’re consistently in the right place at the right time.

In the meantime, those who can’t make it can attend vicariously through TheAppleBlog: we’ll be bringing you the latest Macworld coverage throughout. And, if you can handle even more Apple-happenings being foisted into your giddy brain-box, then read on for my picks from the App Store this week.

This week I’ve been looking at Shoutcast Radio, SledMania, Fnorder and Crayon Physics.
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