Foursquare courts small business owners with new mobile app

Foursquare announced Tuesday the debut of a new app aimed specifically at small business owners who manage accounts for their businesses through the product. The Foursquare business app will allow users to update specials and information on the go.

Facebook Nearby is not a Foursquare killer yet

Facebook’s new Nearby local search feature could become a Foursquare killer one day. So far, however, it’s not as comprehensive, deep or personal for users. But if Facebook can get its 600 million mobile users to think of it as a local search utility, look out.

Facebook muscles in on Yelp and Foursquare with Nearby upgrades

Facebook is leaping into the local discovery and search market with an upgrade to its mobile Nearby feature, which will allow users to find relevant places based on social signals and other data. Nearby will pit Facebook against Yelp, Foursquare and Google.

Foursquare launching local search engine for everyone, not just registered users

Foursquare is opening up its desktop home page to all users, not just logged-in members. Visitors can now get Foursquare’s recommendations on local places and search for nearby bars, restaurants and businesses. That should open up Foursquare’s advertising opportunities as it goes after Yelp and Google.