Location-based Twitter ads could be powerful

Twitter is reportedly preparing to launch a service that would enable advertisers to send promoted messages to users within a specific proximity of their businesses. If it’s done wisely, the offering could provide a big boost for location-based advertising in these early days.

Mobile is the silver lining in Groupon’s fourth-quarter cloud

Shares of Groupon plummeted today after the company posted a disappointing fourth quarter and lowered expectations for the current quarter, but its users are increasingly taking advantage of the daily deals on their phones. That’s important because mobile will play a crucial role as the daily deals space evolves.

PayPal: Mobile payments and location-based offers go hand-in-hand

PayPal isn’t just building out a point-of-sale transaction network. It’s looking to engage consumers well before they set foot in a store. The company says its WHERE location-based ad network will be key in helping merchants attract consumers into their stores with deals and offers.

LocalResponse raises $5 million for check-in based ads

LocalResponse, a local marketing system that pushes targeted ads to users based on their check-ins, has raised $5 million. The money will go toward expanding the sales team and building out an enterprise version of the service for brands and agencies.

Today in Mobile

Nokia today followed Google’s lead and will begin giving away GPS-enabled navigation software on 10 of its smartphones. The move is an obvious blow to the stand-alone PND market, but it also strikes another blow at the carrier-branded navigation services that have become extremely lucrative for mobile operators. As navigation becomes a must-have offering on mobile phones — one that users will increasingly become unwilling to pay for — the key for service providers and app developers will be integrating location information to other offerings in compelling ways. If they can meet that challenge, those apps will throw open the door for the kind of location-based ad revenues that the mobile industry has long dreamt about.