The ripple effects of privacy problems in mobile data

A German court has ruled against Apple’s policies regarding how the company accesses and shares location information and other customer data. If it stands, the ruling would likely affect a number of app developers, ad networks and others in the ecosystem.

Yahoo acquires Alike as it plans to pare mobile offerings

Yahoo acquired the location-based app Alike even as it announced plans to drastically streamline its library of mobile apps. Those moves are part of an increased focus on mobile that should pay dividends as location plays an increasingly important role in how we use our phones.

Why Facebook is a great fit for location

Facebook is reportedly developing a stand-alone app that would track users’ location and help friends connect on the go. The app could provide a big push for a location-based ad market that holds so much promise.

Waze’s monetization push is high-risk, high-reward

Waze has introduced ads to its popular mobile navigation app, enabling retailers and others to deliver pitches alongside users’ routes. The move underscores the vast potential of location-based ads, but it also comes with some substantial risks.

Waze begins monetization push with location-guided ads

Crowd-sourced navigation app Waze is launching its own ad platform, allowing advertisers to insert ads that users can see on their maps and search results when they navigate to their destination. Waze believes these “location-guided” ads can succeed because they incorporate where a user is headed.

Can Yahoo win in mobile?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said the company will have to become “a predominantly mobile company” as the digital world continues to expand beyond PCs to smartphones and tablets. The company could thrive in mobile if it focuses on a few key areas.

Why a mobile website is a crucial first step for restaurateurs

OpenTable this week unveiled an initiative designed to help restaurants build websites that are optimized for mobile phones and tablets.The move highlights the lack of mobile-friendly sites in the food-and-beverage industry, which could also benefit from mobile in many other ways.