How Foursquare is building a revenue strategy around local search

Foursquare has only recently begun testing an advertising product, but the early signs are promising, said CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley. That’s because Foursquare is becoming more of a personalized local search engine that can walk people into local stores and restaurants.

Foursquare lets you follow friends anywhere they check in

Foursquare is making it easy for people to see where they’re friends are in real-time with new Always On notifications when a friend has checked into a location. It builds upon Foursquare’s other services for finding friends.

Snapette creates a local fashion discovery engine

Snapette, which launched last August with a sort of Pinterest for the real world model, is now becoming more of a resource for local merchants and brands, who can use the mobile app and its new website to alert users to products they might like.

How Banjo is finding success with geo-social discovery

Banjo has been one of the lone successes in the geo-social discovery app market and is now up to 1.5 million downloads since launching last July. I sat down with founder Damien Patton to talk about their strategy.

Geoloqi’s location tracking now available to Appcelerator devs

Geoloqi, a platform for location services, launched in February, offering developers an simple and battery-efficient way to implement background location tracking and geo-fencing. Now, the company is teaming up with Appcelerator, who will make a Geoloqi module available for its Titanium platform.

Foursquare gears up to make money with new revenue chief

Foursquare is getting its revenue story in order and announced it has hired Steven Rosenblatt, the former director of advertising sales and strategy at Apple’s iAd. Rosenblatt will serve as Foursquare’s chief revenue officer and will lead the company’s new ad products coming out this summer.

Point Inside helps retailers push deals on aisle 3

Point Inside is looking to tap the power of indoor location with the launch nSide, a new private indoor ad network for retailers.
Retailers will be able to send targeted ad messages based on a user’s location within a store, their shopping route and shopping lists.

Loku thinks Web first in crafting mobile strategy

Loku, a local discovery service, is launching its first mobile app and it starting first with an HTML5 mobile Web app with native apps to follow. The company believes that HTML5 has matured enough that it can power all its mobile apps.

CityMaps expands its social map to iOS, SF and Austin

City Maps has built an incredibly detailed online map of New York City, down to the block level showing every restaurant, parking lot, hotel and business. Now, it’s introducing an iOS app, an update to its website and an expansion to San Francisco and Austin.

Location-based service Loopt bought for $43.4M by Green Dot Corp

Loopt, one of the early location-based services, is announcing that it has been bought by Green Dot Corp., a provider of retailer pre-paid cards which will use Loopt to develop mobile wallet and payment services. Green Dot is paying $43.4 million for Loopt.