Twist app automatically tells people when you’ll get there

The Twist app for iOS helps you share your estimated time of arrival with friends and colleagues, so they’re current on when they should expect you. The app uses your location and current traffic data to communicate an accurate arrival time.

Mapfia: Location sharing between two people via phone call

Need to share your location for a limited amount of time and with just a single person? Mapfia is an easy method on iOS and Android. You simply call someone and Mapfia shares the location of both people for the length of the call.

Sidecar turns the simple phone call into a media sharefest

Yet another app has joined the growing ranks of over-the-top mobile VoIP services, but Sidecar is offering up a twist on the usual VoIP format. The startup is using the voice call merely as the starting point from which users can share video, location and contact info.

Apple gets into the location-sharing game

Apple is not done taking on application makers with iOS 5. It just announced it is launching a new location-sharing feature called Find my Friends, that will allow users to easily share their location with other users. It should spark some competition with existing location-sharing services.