Nokia and SAP team up on TwoGo ride-sharing platform

TwoGo is a cloud-based service for companies that want to get their employees sharing cars to and from work. Nokia’s Here platform provides the location component, helping to match people with likely carpooling companions.

Google Maps hits iOS, smacks down Nokia

Google released its Maps app for iOS today, and the title is already drawing rave reviews as it tops the App Store charts. That’s very bad news for Nokia, whose Here offering has produced lackluster results following its November release.

Startups tackle the local neighborhood as the next frontier

Looking for the latest trend in location-based startups? Companies are increasingly looking to the intersection of location and community with the neighborhood, an ideal place to target people for providing information and news, but also a possible target for specific advertising.

Why iOS is the next battleground in the mobile mapping war

Apple’s iOS is the next battleground in the mapping wars, as both Google and Nokia are preparing to compete with Apple’s flawed offering. The window is open for Google and Nokia to gain traction with iOS users as Apple scrambles to address its mapping problems.

Nokia steps up mapping game with Here

Nokia said it make its mobile mapping technology available for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Mozilla’s Firefox OS. The Finnish company is wise to look beyond Microsoft’s Windows Phone to expand one of its core businesses in a very promising market.

Foursquare’s Crowley wants to take on Yelp, Google and Harry Potter

Dennis Crowely of Foursquare has a big goal of creating an ambient-aware location service that will recommend people, places and events happening nearby, but the hardware isn’t quite up to snuff yet. In the meantime, he’s using location data to take on Yelp and Google.