Open Data Center Alliance seeks to describe the cloud

This week, the Open Data Center Alliance released its first deliverables to the world, with the aim to make it easier to compare and contrast commercial solutions and increase technical interoperability between clouds. But to reach new standards, the alliance must overcome significant challenges.

Eureka Streams: Open-Source Enterprise Social Networking

One of the issues with many of the popular enterprise social networking apps is the loss of control. Commercially-sensitive information being being stored on someone else’s servers tends to make corporate IT nervous. How about a self-hosted, open-source solution instead?

Demand Response Goes to the Cloud

Will demand response move to the cloud? Lockheed Martin is linking demand response with a cloud-based smart meter platform for cooperative utilities, and EnerNOC is turning to for smart grid-customer interaction.

Facebook Kicks Off a Weak Green Offensive

Facebook has been called out by Greenpeace for not doing enough to promote renewable energy, so what is the company going to do with this public relations dilemma? Launching its own Facebook page and joining groups to demonstrate its green cred, of course.