Patent troll Lodsys retreats, won’t go to court over claim it “owns” online purchases

Lodsys, the notorious patent troll that feeds by bleeding small app developers, has folded its cards rather than go to court with a company that is challenging its claim to a monopoly on internet purchasing. Ars Technica has a colorful account of the “tremulous troll” and Eugene Kaspersky, the man who faced it down because the troll reminded him of extortionists from his native Russia. Alas, Lodsys will live another day, though it must still fight off Martha Stewart, who is suing to crush the troll in Wisconsin.

Lodsys claims 150 iOS developers give in to patent demands

iOS developer scourge Lodsys offers an update on the state of its attempts to wield an in-app purchasing patent against app makers. The company says that it has “every confidence that all claims will ultimately be confirmed through this lengthy process.”

Another app maker sues to stop Lodsys patent troll

Creative Mobile, maker of popular games like Drag Racer, is the latest company to fight back against a shell company that is demanding app makers pay up if they include a common “in-app purchase” button.

Oracle sues to smash patent troll Lodsys

Oracle, it seems, is not one for irony. Right after an epic court fight with Google in which it was accused of abusing intellectual property, the software maker is now trying to dissolve another company’s patents