Logitech launches $99 PowerShell Controller + Battery for iOS gaming

It’s game on for iOS 7 hardware controllers: Logitech launched its entry with the PowerShell + Battery controller for $99. The accessory has an internal battery so it can recharge your iOS 7 device, but it lacks joystick controls, opting for a D-Pad instead.

Logitech uses the sun to power new iPad keyboard case

You won’t be replacing batteries on Logitech’s newest iPad keyboard case. As its name implies, the $129.99 Solar Keyboard Folio uses light — either indoors or out — to maintain its battery life, which is two years on a single charge, claims Logitech.

Logitech pairs a smart cover and keyboard for Apple’s iPad

Logitech introduced its newest iPad keyboard / cover combo on Wednesday and if you could imagine Apple designing such a product, this is what it would look like. The $99 accessory works with the iPad 2 and the new iPad, pairing a smart case with Bluetooth keyboard.

Scoop: Less than 1M Google TV devices in use

How many Google TV devices are actually being used by consumers? Google and its partners have never released any sales figures, but publicly available Android Market data offers some interesting insights. Market data also suggests that price may be key to Google TV’s future success.

Logitech’s Google TV failure: Too much, too soon

A lot of times, companies fail by not embracing new technologies quickly enough, but Logitech’s Google TV debacle might be just the opposite: The company bet aggressively on technology that consumers weren’t quite ready for. That mistake in timing cost Logitech upwards of $100 million.

Not just mobile: Adobe is abandoning Flash on TVs as well

The TV app market is incredibly fragmented, but Adobe’s Flash won’t provide a solution. The company confirmed that like mobile, it will no longer focus on porting the Flash plugin into web browsers on CE devices, but thinks developers should build native apps instead.

Google TV relaunches with Android Market (video)

Google TV is getting a big revamp with a new version launching this weekend that will include access to the Android Market as well as various UI improvements. But for Google, this is just the beginning of a marathon with a clear route mapped out.

A voice-controlled future is finally upon us

Science fiction writers and futurists have long imagined a world in which we control everyday devices with our voice. That future seems a little bit closer to reality with the news that Apple’s Siri voice control technology will likely power its long-rumored iTV device.