Logitech Makes a Measly $5M From Google TV

Logitech’s Google TV sales tanked in the first three months of this year: The company missed its previous forecast on Google TV sales by more than 70 percent. Logitech now hopes that the next generation of the Google TV platform will turn things around.

Can Kevin Bacon Make Google TV Sizzle?

Probably not, but Logitech is getting a buzz burst from a new ad campaign featuring the star. Kevin Bacon plays his own biggest fan as a Log…

Google TV Review: A First Stab at a Powerful Concept

Logitech’s Google TV set-top box, also known as Revue, is a handfull: The box offers access to the web as well as TV content – as long as you have cable, that is. However, there’s a lot to like about Google TV, even for cord cutters.

LifeSize Introduces Modular HD Video Conferencing Bridge

Video conferencing company LifeSize today announced the LifeSize Bridge 2200, an HD video conferencing product. The Austin, Texas-based company (now a division of Logitech) says that because the 16-port product is modular, it should enable businesses using it to scale their video conferencing needs as required.

Daily US Video Chat Usage Has Doubled in the Past Year

The percentage of Internet users who video chat on any given day has doubled over the past year. While still a tiny percentage of the overall market, users are quickly taking to the idea of video chat and integrating it into their every day lives.

Google TV Is Pricing Itself Out of the Market

We’ve known for a while that Google TV products would carry a premium over other comparable TV solutions on the market. But it’s becoming very clear that Google TV will have a tough time finding adoption in an increasingly cost-conscious consumer market.

Get Ready to Video Chat From Your Couch

With new products from Cisco and Logitech announced just hours apart from each other, the market for consumer video chat is heating up as multiple providers are looking to provide video communications in the living room. They join Skype in the battle for video chat supremacy.

Will Logitech’s Google TV Device Be a Loss Leader?

Logitech CEO Jerry Quindlen thinks that Google TV will be hugely profitable for his company – he just doesn’t expect much of that money to come from Logitech’s Revue set-top box. In fact, Logitech plans to invest all its initial Google TV profits back into marketing.

Required Specs Could Make Google TV Too Pricey

Consumer electronics manufacturers, take note: If you want to roll out Google TV on the next version of your connected TV or Blu-ray player, you’re going to need some serious horsepower just to get up and running. Will Google’s hardware specs lead to a sticker shock?