Loopt sales shows future of location is commerce

The future of location-based services is in commerce, payments and deals, said Sam Altman, founder of Loopt. He just sold his startup to pre-paid card provider Green Dot and is working on mobile payment products. That’s where he said location will have the biggest impact.

Location-based service Loopt bought for $43.4M by Green Dot Corp

Loopt, one of the early location-based services, is announcing that it has been bought by Green Dot Corp., a provider of retailer pre-paid cards which will use Loopt to develop mobile wallet and payment services. Green Dot is paying $43.4 million for Loopt.

Don’t Check-In for Offers, Just Wait for Them to Find You

The next step for location-based service is discount offers that find you where you are, something we’re starting to see more and more. The latest example is a new partnership between Groupon and Loopt, which will bring Groupon Now limited time offer alerts to Loopt users.

Loopt Looks for Engagement in Location Q&A

Location-based app Loopt is looking beyond the check-in and trying to engage users by providing them information about what they should do they they arrive. Loopt is introducing Loopt Qs, a lightweight real-time question and answer feature that allows users to get answers to popular questions.

Loopt Crosses a Line in the Sand for Location and Privacy

Loopt is incorporating background location updates its latest version, allowing you to alert a select group of friends about your location without having to open the app. Loopt 4.0 gives a glimpse at how other major location companies may incorporate background location sharing into their apps.

Tech Firms Unite to Demand Location and Cloud Services Privacy Reform

Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Salesforce.com, AOL, Intel, Loopt are asking for updates to federal electronic privacy laws to address new forms of surveillance and data collecting. Coalition members would like to defend themselves and their users from forced sharing of data contributed through email and location-tracking services.