Yahoo’s growth options dwindling

Yahoo is still the biggest online property in the U.S., with fairly sturdy content and communications assets, but its options for restoring growth are getting fewer. Yahoo must re-energize its business around video, a social advertising network and/or syndication, or sell itself to Microsoft or AOL, assuming they’re still interested.

Handicapping Facebook’s Next Billion-Dollar Business(es)

Amidst reports that it was having trouble unloading $1 billion worth of shares at a very rich valuation, Facebook last week started testing its first home-grown social commerce product, Facebook Deals. Already facing stiff competition from Groupon and LivingSocial, will Deals be Facebook’s next billion-dollar business? Competitors, marketers and developers hoping to leverage the Facebook platform need to figure out how Facebook will continue to grow.

Privacy Legislation’s Potential Impact on Online Media

Because the Kerry-McCain online privacy bill is watered down relative to prior proposals, it will face less industry resistance, and is more likely to be passed this year. That has far-reaching implications for online advertising and targeting.