David Cross launches his new movie as pay-what-you-want download

Filmmaker and comedian David Cross premiered his new movie at Sundance, but didn’t like any of the distribution deals offered by major studios, so he decided to give the film directly to fans as a pay-what-you want BitTorrent bundle, backed by a Kickstarter campaign

Chill.com is closing down December 15

Chill.com is closing down its premium content distribution platform by December 15. Maybe selling content like Louis CK isn’t that easy, after all?

Chill.com takes a page from Louis CK, starts selling DRM-free content

Just when you thought Chill.com had tried everything, it evloves egain: The former Turntable.fm for videos turned social video curation platform launched a self-serve content marketplace for indie creators Thursday, allowing anyone to sell their flicks as streams and DRM-free downloads.

Why Louis CK and Amanda Palmer are the future of content

Comedian Louis CK, who made $1 million selling downloads of a show through his website, has sold $4.5-million in tickets to a new tour in 48 hours. He and musician Amanda Palmer show that for content creators, building a community is more important than ever.

Aziz Ansari’s $5 comedy special is powered by Vhx.tv

Comedian Aziz Ansari is following in Louis CK’s footsteps, selling his new stand-up special directly to fans as a $5 DRM-free download. The offering is powered by VHX.tv, and the company’s founders told me that they have great hopes for crowdfunding in 2012.