Efficient Lighting Firm Fulham Gets $10M From Braemar

Energy-efficient lighting investments are starting to trickle back onto the scene after cleantech deals plunged in the first quarter. On Tuesday, Braemar Energy Ventures raised its bet on lighting with a $10 million investment in Hawthorne, Calif.-based Fulham Inc., a 7-year-old company that makes components for fluorescent lights, high-intensity lights and light-emitting diodes.

The deal comes just over a month after plasma lighting startup Luxim Corp., based in Sunnyvale, Calif., raised $12 million and Austin, Texas-based Nuventix, which has developed an electronics-cooling technology for LED lights, raised $4 million of an $18 million round.

To investors, the potential for growth in the energy-efficient lighting sector is clear. It’s poised for a boost from legislation, which could enhance the existing appeal of lower electricity bills. (Lighting accounts for about a quarter of U.S. electricity use, with most of that coming from commercial buildings, according to the Energy Information Administration.)
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