Report: Konarka’s failure wasn’t a solar market problem

Solar startup Konarka’s bankruptcy, announced last week, wasn’t just the latest case of the solar industry being hit by the dropping cost of silicon, and cheap modules and panels from China. The company’s technology just “could not compete on cost, efficiency, or lifetime,” says Lux Research.

The under-the-radar hot solar markets for investors

Looking at the internal rates of returns (IRR), which basically considers the capital investment needed and determines how profitable an investment in a project will be, the top solar markets of tomorrow, according to Lux Research, will be: New Jersey, Portugal, Australia, Italy, and India.

What lighting controls need to grow up: standards

Despite that lighting control technology is finally starting to take center stage, there are still hurdles to the relatively small market. Namely that lighting control companies need to embrace standards to grow the industry and gain customer trust.

There’s a severe oversupply of electric car batteries comin’

The supply of batteries for electric cars could far surpass the demand for electric vehicles over the next few years, estimates Lux Research. It could be a “severe mismatch,” that could cause consolidation and the need for new markets for battery makers.

Report: The Winners & Losers of the Solar Shakeout

Picking winners and losers is always a dicey exercise, but Lux Research took that plunge and issued a report this week, which points to likely revenue winners and IPO candidates over the coming year. The names that popped out include Amonix, Enphase Energy and Abound Solar.

FAIL: Next-Gen Technology for Peak Energy Demand

None of the next-generation technologies are a silver bullet when it comes to helping utilities meet peak demand — when people are using lights, heating and cooling and appliances at the same time — according to a report out from Lux Research this morning. FAIL.

Energy Storage: One Size Does Not Fit All

If utilities are looking for a magic bullet for energy storage, which can help add clean power to the grid, prevent outages and manage peak load, they’re not going to find it. At least not among the current storage options, according to a report from Lux Research.