UK prepares for white space broadband rollout in 2014

The UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has announced an industry pilot of the long-range broadband and M2M technology later this year, in order to make sure everything works properly ahead of a likely national deployment next year.

Verizon Wireless at CES: We’re not just a phone company

Touring Verizon’s booth wasn’t quite what I expected, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead of focusing on new consumer devices, the company is using the venue to show off partner products from its Innovations Center, illustrating the benefits of connectivity where you’d least expect.

How MiGym plans to quantify the health club workout

Chicago app developer MiGym is giving health clubs an app store presence, but it has bigger plans. It hopes to make the gym a critical element in the quantified self, tracking members’ workout data and sharing that information with fitness and health platforms.

Plug in to make your dumb car connected and smarter

Looking to get a connected car without buying a new vehicle? A small module with GPS and cellular radio that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostic port may be the answer. is just that and includes 8 useful apps to add smarts to your car.

Sprint starts assembling a connected car dream team

Sprint’s approach to the connected car is certainly odd for a carrier. Instead of focusing on connectivity, Sprint wants to become an automotive infotainment and telematics systems integrator. To accomplish this it’s soliciting a lot of help, starting with Airbiquity, Aeris and WirelessCar.