Mac 101: Breathe new life into your Mac with a memory upgrade

Every time new Macs come along, people inevitably get the itch to upgrade. There are no new ones on the immediate horizon, but that new computer experience might be available for a lot less money, if your Mac is eligible for a simple, DIY memory upgrade.

The secret payload of the iPhone 4S: Bluetooth 4.0

People paid a lot of attention to two new features that arrived in the iPhone 4S: The much-improved camera and Siri, the new voice-powered digital assistant. But the 4S also snuck in another feature upgrade, one that’s a ticking time bomb of potential goodness: Bluetooth 4.0.

7 signs that it’s time to get a new Mac

Macs retain higher resale values than other PCs, but they don’t last forever. But how do you know when to act? What are the symptoms of impeding Mac death or obsolescence, and when is a good time to consider getting a new one?

Macs sales up, iPods down according to NPD Group

New sales data from the NPD Group, as shared by Piper Jaffray, shows that Apple’s Mac sales are surging thanks to new models introduced in July. The other side of the coin is that iPod sales are in decline, but that’s nothing Apple isn’t expecting.

2011 Mac mini review: Ding dong, the disc is dead

The new Mac mini does away with the optical disc drive, leading to a price reduction for Apple’s diminutive desktop. Without it, and with the addition of Thunderbolt and dedicated graphics, how does the mini stack up as a desktop and as a home theater PC?

How and when to reset your Mac’s PRAM and SMC

There are times when your Mac will just start misbehaving. Video settings getting reset, fans start running at full speed, and more. This often happens after an upgrade like Lion. There are many possible fixes, but if everything fails, try resetting your PRAM or SMC.

Apple launches OSX, Macbook Air & Mac Mini Updates

Apple today released its much awaited Mac OSX Lion operating system and upgrades to Mac Mini, Macbook Air and a new Thunderbolt I/O-based display. This is a much awaited announcement and is surely going to fuel Apple’s already red-hot business.

Is this summer the real debutante ball for Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt has arrived, but it’s been on the market now since February, and we’ve yet to see it really do much in the way of changing how we use our Macs. Signs indicate that this summer could be the time we do see that happen.