VMware Fusion 4 now available with Lion-specific features

Not one to be left behind for long, VMware has introduced the new version of its Fusion virtualization software. Fusion 4 lets you install and run a second OS, including Windows, Lion or Snow Leopard in a virtual machine that integrates completely with your desktop.

How to manage your privacy with Lion’s “Resume” feature

With OS X Lion’s incredible success and high adoption rate, Apple customers and repair technicians such as myself are facing higher than usual rates of embarrassment thanks to Lion’s ability to restore your windows exactly as they were when an app was closed.

Make Lion’s Mission Control behave more like Spaces

When Lion first came out, transitioning from Spaces to Mission Control was a big change for me. If you’re looking to take some control back from Mission Control in order to make things feel a little more like how they were before, here are some tips.

iCloud, OS X Lion and iOS 5: State of the betas

The leaves are changing color, there’s a chill in the air, and some stores already have Christmas merchandise on shelves. Fall is basically here. So what’s the status of iCloud and iOS 5, which should be arriving during the season, according to Apple at WWDC 2011?

Mac OS X Lion installation stats bode well for digital distribution

Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, is doing well in its early days, nearing OS X 10.5 Leopard in popularity according to new OS market share numbers. Lion’s success could be a sign that computer consumers are read for more digital distribution.

Lion 101: System Preferences

System Preferences are the motivational speakers of your operating system. Don’t like something? The OS gives you the power to change! I’m not going to list every preference, but I am going to tell which choices you can make will have the greatest impact.

Lion 101: Working with PDFs in Preview

Preview is definitely one of the under-appreciated gems of OS X. Preview actually has two main uses. One for graphics and photos, and another specific to PDFs. There are certain very handy capabilities in Preview that are only available when working with PDF files.

Get more from the OS X menu bar

The menu bar in OS X doesn’t just contain the menus for the application you’re currently using; it can also hold all sorts of helpful extras that can be accessed from any application with just one click, and make using OS X a little easier.

First Lion update fixes bugs in MacBook Air, Mac mini

The first update to Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.7 operating system is out now, and there’s a special update just for owners of a MacBook Air or Mac mini loaded with Lion, including fixes for issues related to flickering screens, booting problems and SD cards.

Mac OS X Lion USB drive now on sale for the broadband-challenged

Have you been waiting on Mac OS X Lion because you don’t have a broadband connection? Then today’s your (sort of) lucky day. Apple introduced the OS X Lion USB Thumb Drive to the online Apple Store, but it comes with a premium price tag: $69.