How better tech makes for a lighter CES 2013 gear bag

After eight consecutive years of covering the International Consumer Electronics Show, it’s interesting to see how technology has evolved; this year I’m taking less gear than ever before and yet, I’ll likely be more productive. Here’s a glimpse of my CES gear bag over time.

Meet Phorce: A powerful smart bag for smartphones and Macs

Looking for a multi-purpose bag that can be used as a messenger bag, briefcase or backpack? What if that bag had an internal battery that charges a Mac, iOS device or other gadget over USB? Say hello to Phorce, a new Kickstarter project.

New Mac hardware line adds Retina Display MacBook Pro

At its WWDC event on Monday, Apple(s aapl) took the wraps off of new hardware in the form a total revamp across its entire line. The hardware upgrade includes the sought after Retina Display, not as an option but as part of a next-generation thin laptop.

Apple making a $799 Air in fear of ultrabooks? Nope.

An Apple computer starting at $799 would be a big deal, but it’s unlikely. And the idea that Apple would be “forced to” lower the price due to competition from Intel-based ultrabooks makes very little sense. Here’s why.

Brydge keyboard turns iPad into a MacBook Air clone

There are no lack of Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad, but the newest one Kickstarter is impressive. Called Brydge, the wireless keyboard makes the iPad look like a MacBook Air. Backing starts at $150 and for $30 more you can get a Brydge with integrated speakers.