Innovative Uses of the Must-have iMacros Firefox Extension

Of the many Firefox extensions that I use on a daily basis, the one that remains the most useful to me is iMacros, which you can see screenshots of and download here. I reviewed it a while back, and you can also find a visual tour of how to use it here. It makes the process of saving and recording multi-step repetitive tasks about as easy as operating a DVD player. You can keep a library of your recorded macros in a Firefox sidebar, or within your bookmarks. The maker of this extension, iOpus, recently supplied a collection of case studies of ways that users are getting productivity benefits from it, and a look at the examples is eye-opening.
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Aircell: On U.S. Planes, VoIP Will Be Muted

Ever since Andy Abramson figured out a way to make VoIP calls over GoGo, the in-flight broadband system from Aircell, there has been a flurry of activity leading to the banning of some of the services he used. “The carriers and Aircell have taken a position on this because we don’t want people talking on the plane,” a company spokesperson told me. But where does it all stop?