Why Nokia left MeeGo behind: The multi-year backstory

We all know that Nokia’s efforts to use Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo as a revival of sorts didn’t pan out. And we had educated guesses as to why. Now, a detailed article comprised from interviews with Nokia employees is a “tell all” on what really happened.

Nokia’s wheels continue to fall off along the road

Nokia’s CTO has left with no timetable for a return. The wheels continue to fall off for the company, which is skidding down the road solely due to momentum, which is slowing. Like a modern retro car, however, Microsoft gives Nokia a chance to survive.

Could Nokia’s First MeeGo Device Be the N900?

Nokia’s N900 handset is a step closer to running MeeGo, the open source operating system that Nokia plans to challenge with in the high-end device market. By increasing development efforts on an existing device, Nokia can’t be seen as “late” in delivering a MeeGo device.

When Will Nokia’s Smartphone Transition End?

The new Nokia N8 has the dubious distinction of being both the first and the last N-series handset to run Symbian^3 — new high-end devices will run on MeeGo. A product strategy in constant transition isn’t one that will attract developers or customers to Nokia.

First MeeGo Builds Available for Netbooks, Handhelds

In February, Intel and Nokia melded their respective mobile operating systems. Moblin and Maemo have joined forces to become MeeGo, and the first build of the new open-source platform is now available for download.

Maemo and Moblin Merged: Meego Emerges

Nokia and Intel have joined to merge the Maemo and Moblin platforms. The merged OS will be known as Meego, and is intended to power pocketable computers, smartphones, tablets and netbooks. It will be hosted by the Linux Foundation, and is an open source platform.

Intel, Nokia Merge Linux Operating Systems to Form MeeGo

Intel and Nokia are merging their respective mobile Linux Operating Systems — Mobilin and Maemo — to form a new OS called MeeGo. It will be hosted by the Linux Foundation and target connected devices. And it will be fighting for increasingly limited developer attention.

All About the Nokia N900 — a Roundtable Podcast

What do you get when pairing three Nokia N900 users and Skype? Various viewpoints on the latest and greatest Nokia smartphone in the form of an audio podcast. This roundtable covers the device from software to hardware and everything in between.