launches an email service only accessible from a smartphone

Unlike other email portals, email accounts will only be accessible through the MyMail app. Instead of using a login and password, MyMail users attach their email to their mobile phone number and receive a text message with an access code when they want to sign in.

Russian email provider fined after refusing to give up customer data

One of Russia’s top web companies,, said it has been fined around $15,000 for not handing over customer data to the country’s financial regulator. The regulator wanted to know who certain customers had been contacting during a set time period, but the web provider pointed to the Russian constitution, which protects private correspondence. said it will contest the fine in court.

This Russian mogul wants to be the Elon Musk of robots CEO Dmitry Grishin isn’t happy being one of Russia’s most successful internet entrepreneurs: now he wants to help a new generation of robotics companies, and is launching a fund with $25 million of his own money to try and kickstart a more ambitious future.

If the shoe fits: Ozon, Russia’s Amazon, buys Sapato

In a move that echoes Amazon’s purchase of Zappos back in 2009, Russian web store Ozon is buying online shoe seller — a deal that Ozon CEO Maelle Gavet says will turn it into a “powerhouse online retailer”. stock drop could cause aftershocks in the Valley

Shares in Russian Internet group have fallen to their lowest point since the company went public last year. But since the company has been indirectly fueling Silicon Valley’s latest investment boom, a serious slump could have repercussions far beyond Moscow. The Secret King of Silicon Valley Stock

Russia’s biggest Internet company,, has made its financial results public for the first time — and in doing so has revealed that despite relatively slim profits, it holds as much as $2 billion of hot technology companies such as Facebook and Groupon IPO to Give Mortals a Stake in Facebook, Zynga, the Russian holding company formerly known as Digital Sky Technologies, has filed for an initial stock offering on the London stock exchange, one that could give the company a market value as high as $6 billion. The company has investments in both Facebook and Zynga.