AppSumo: A Discounted Bundle of Great Web Apps

Taking its cues from the hugely popular MacHeist bundle of Mac apps, AppSumo presents time-limited offers on collections of hand-picked premium web apps. The current bundle, which is available for another 11 days, includes six-month subscriptions to BatchBook, MailChimp and Formstack and a $120 voucher for Freshbooks.

Clearing The Cache — Updates Edition

Like many of us, I spend a lot of time on the web and come across a staggering number of interesting things. In Clearing The Cache, I pull out some of my favorites and share them with you here.
Online identity manager DandyID, which I covered back in July, has added some nice improvements to its privacy options, specifically the option to control which of your identities is visible through your online profile or shared widgets.
Simon shared some great integration news about Outright and Expensify. It’s wonderful to see the Small Business Web initiative really moving forward.
Browser Opera Mini jumps to beta 5 — an impressive looking release for the mobile platform. Tabbed browsing and password management look like standout features.
Social Contact Manager BatchBook now lets you create custom web forms that tie right in to your CRM database.
The folks over at MailChimp just announced a very cool Twitter-themed email template for their email marketing service. Link your MailChimp account to your Twitter account, and you can automatically pull in profile information including colors and backgrounds, follower numbers and recent tweets to use in your campaigns.

Is The Small Business Web The Next Big Thing?

Amidst the noise being generated by those attending and reporting on the SXSW conference, I caught wind of a particularly interesting announcement made by BatchBlue and some other web service providers about a “Small Business Web” of integrated SaaS products designed for small business.

“The Small Business Web is a movement to bring together like-minded, customer-obsessed software companies to integrate our respective products and make life easier for small businesses,” Pamela O’Hara, CEO of BatchBlue, told me via email.

By using the APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, present in each other’s products, the participating companies hope to offer a very high level of integration between their services. This will allow each company to focus on its own core competency, while allowing for easier data portability and a better overall experience for the user. Read More about Is The Small Business Web The Next Big Thing?