MLB plans ad exchanges to target premium baseball fans

Major League Baseball is using new data tools to create more detailed profiles of people who visit team and league websites. MLB plans to use the extra data to create profiles of affluent customers, and to let brands target those profiles on private ad exchanges.

Where to watch the 2011 Home Run Derby online

The 2011 MLB Home Run Derby begins at 8:00 p.m. EDT/5:00 p.m. PDT this evening, and will be available on ESPN, ESPN3, Facebook, and a variety of mobile apps. MLB players will also be live tweeting during the contest, adding a social element to the Derby.

Vid-Biz: CBS, Comcast-NBC, Hulu

CBS: We’ll Cut iTunes Prices for Some Shows; CEO Les Moonves says the broadcaster will mark down the price on some of its shows from $1.99 to 99 cents. (MediaMemo) Moonves also boasted about the importance of retransmission fees and growth at the company’s cable channels. (paidContent)

Roberts, Zucker To Appear Before House Judiciary Committee; the House Judiciary Committee will hold a Feb. 25 hearing in which Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker will discuss their proposed $30 billion joint venture. (Multichannel News)

Will You Pay for Hulu on the iPad? It May Be Your Only Choice; the most likely scenario for Hulu to appear on the iPad is one where access to its videos comes as part of a subscription package. (MediaMemo)

The People Of Twitter Think NBC’s Olympics Coverage Sucks; NBC is driving people on the Internet crazy by tape-delaying coverage of the Olympics until primetime, with roughly two thirds of tweets about the NBC Olympics coming up as negative. (TechCrunch)

Sports Leagues Monetizing Video Content Online; led by the trailblazing efforts of Major League Baseball, other top US sports leagues have made huge strides in streaming live-game content on a paid basis. (eMarketer)

2010 Looks Brighter for Digital Media; online video continues to capitalize on the continued increase in media fragmentation, consumer-generated content, and a rising generation of consumers very comfortable using their computers as primary or secondary entertainment devices. (MarketingVox)