NodeFly goal: better app performance monitoring for Node.js

Developers love Node.js for building web applications. But they need better, more user-friendly application monitoring tools to see what goes on in the innards of what they build. That’s where NodeFly’s new APM suite comes in, says NodeFly CEO Glen Lougheed.

Load testing? Try to take down your app for $1 with

Mu Dynamics new service allows developers building in the cloud to load test their apps for as little as a $1. The company has a product for ISPs that shows how 1 million people playing FarmVille might affect their networks, is branching out into the cloud.

AppFog lands $8M for PHP Cloud

AppFog, the company formerly known as PHP Fog, has raised $8 million in a healthy second round of funding for the year-old company. The company’s name change coincides with the funding and hints at a future supporting languages beyond PHP.

3 PaaS lessons from CloudBees’ funding

Here are three lessons to take away from the $10.5 million funding round for Java-centric Platform-as-a-Service startup CloudBees: Be specialized, inclusive, and first.

Red Hat Launches IaaS, PaaS Cloud Offerings

Red Hat today is launching two new cloud computing offerings, IaaS software called CloudForms and PaaS software called OpenShift. CloudForms helps users configure, deploy and manage virtual resources, and OpenShift is Red Hat’s incarnation of the Makara technology that it bought it November.

Get Purchased or Perish: The Harsh Reality of Cloud Platforms

With each passing day, cloud computing — and the platform-as-a-service space, in particular — looks a lot more like a large software vendor’s game than it does a space where plucky startups might actually be able to establish a presence and remain independent for the long run.

VMware Launches Open-Source Cloud

VMware has entered the cloud game by offering an open-source package called Cloud Foundry, a platform as a service that should strike fear in the hearts of its compeitors, especially the likes of, Microsoft and Rackspace.

Red Hat Buys Makara, Adds PaaS to Its Cloud Mix

The cloud computing world is in for yet another shakeup: Red Hat has acquired platform-as-a-service (PaaS) startup Makara. The purchase immediately vaults Red Hat into the role of cloud provider, but also gives Red Hat the means to sell its PaaS vision across the cloud landscape.

Today in Cloud

With VMworld news dying down, some other potentially big stories are able to make their ways to the forefront. Today, those are rumors of Red Hat buying PaaS provider Makara, and Eucalyptus teaming with Jamcracker on yet another self-service front end for the Eucalyptus cloud platform. Regarding the former item, it would almost immediately make Red Hat a more-legitimate competitor to VMware on the PaaS front, as Makara takes the idea far beyond what Red Hat can deliver with JBoss alone. As for the latter, well, it’s further evidence that Eucalyptus realizes users want self-service, and they probably want a choice of options, too. I wonder, however, if Eucalyptus can truly thrive without developing its own turnkey cloud tools.

Goodbye SysAdmins, Hello Cloud Admins

If you have not heard of a job description called Cloud Admins, soon you will. Makara CEO Issac Roth thinks that cloud admins will be the new new version of the IT sysadmins.

Today’s sysadmins are going to become cloud admins and their role will be to manage and set policies, security and access to various components.