Maker Studios fires up Snoop Dogg partnership

Maker Studios will team with the hip-hop legend to produce exclusive content for his popular YouTube channel, WestFestTV. Snoop Dogg adds even more star power to a maker roster that already includes such YouTube heavyweights as Ray William Johnson and KassemG.

YouTubers bring audience to Ford-sponsored NBC reality series

Think reality TV is saturated with product placement? Meet Escape Routes, which uses large amounts of screen time to sell you on the Ford Escape. But there is some interesting digital innovation involved — in the structure of the show and in the casting.

A field guide to YouTube talent companies

As YouTube’s self-made stars have grown in popularity, a number of companies have been founded to maximize their online influence across multiple platforms. Here’s an overview of those working behind-the-scenes on big deals for Ryan Higa, Annoying Orange, ShayCarl and Mystery Guitar Man.