CloudFlare buys StopTheHacker, wants to do anti-malware at scale

Website performance and security startup CloudFlare has acquired an anti-malware startup called StopTheHacker. The deal makes the popular CloudFlare that much more useful and also gives the company a new business to take advantage of the global infrastructure it’s building out. CEO Matthew Prince recently suggested it would get into the anti-malware space because it often has spare computing capacity that could be put to work scanning networks rather than sitting idle. Although it plans to integrate the two services more tightly, CloudFlare says it will continue operating and investing in the StopTheHacker service.

Target finally confirms malware in point-of -sale systems

Target’s (s tgt) massive data breach, which occurred in mid-December of last year, has affected millions of customers, but the company has remained quiet about how personal and financial information was leaked. But CEO Gregg Steinhafel’s interview with CNBC yesterday finally shed some light on the attack, and it’s not pretty: the information was lifted via malware distributed directly through Target’s point-of-sale systems, and the company waited four days before disclosing the attack. That’s probably not very reassuring to the 110 million customers potentially affected by the attack.