Cloud market trends

In his Weekly Update, David Linthicum, the Gigaom Research curator for cloud, notes ‘A bit of a “Bizarro World” in the cloud space last week’. That is, AWS reported a slowing of sales, while Microsoft reported strength in its cloud offerings. But David sees this as merely part of the inevitable interplay among AWS, Microsoft, and Google as leaders in a market that will see more multi-cloud environments, managed services, and increasingly sophisticated retail services over the next couple of years.

It’s everywhere! The day Hadoop took over the cloud

Rackspace is now doing Hadoop, Cloudera just announced a handful of partners — Hadoop is everywhere in the cloud these days. Here’s a quick breakdown of what cloud providers are offering which distributions of Hadoop as managed services.

Net neutrality could be a victim under an ITU Internet takeover

Network neutrality, the idea that ISPs can’t discriminate against traffic on its network, is an enshrined right in some areas and a hotly contested regulatory fight in others. But it may become moot if the ITU succeeds in take over the management of the Internet.

It’s coming: The emergence of second-class mobile citizens

Carriers are preparing ways to change their pricing to charge by applications or services. And as they do, consumers will lose — namely because carriers will offer a variety of their own services that could strangle the quality of anything one might consider over-the-top.