Coworking Stories: Manchester’s MadLab

Last month, Manchester saw FlyThe.Coop move to a new location shared with the recently-launched MadLab hackspace. I got the chance to talk to one of MadLab’s founders, Dave Mee, about the vision for MadLab, its history, its residents and the challenges it has faced.

Rest day- installing Windows 7 beta

windows_7_vienna_logo-11Today is a day to wind down from the CES 2009 grind and for me that means installing the newly released Windows 7 beta.  I got an install DVD from someone at the Tablet meetup yesterday so today I’m installing it under Parallels on the MacBook.  The install actually went pretty smoothly as Parallels had an update last week to include support for the Windows 7 beta.  The only thing I can’t get working so far is sharing the 3G connection on the MacBook with the virtual machine with Windows 7 installed.  I’m playing with it now.  🙂

UPDATE: after installing Parallels Tools in Windows 7 my connectivity issues disappeared.  This update was performed in Google Chrome under Windows 7 under Parallels Desktop.

Coworking Roundup…

Coworking is a workplace trend that Web Worker Daily has been following closely of late and one which seems to be experiencing an emerging global acceptance – indeed, myself and Aliza Sherman here at WWD have directly (though separately) been involved in developing coworking spaces and communities.
A confluence of technology, culture, a faltering global economy and fuel costs are helping this fringe working pattern move closer to the mainstream. So here’s a roundup of recent developments in coworking… Read More about Coworking Roundup…

Dr. Horrible’s Opening Day Ups and Downs

Despite tentative assurances at last Thursday’s Q&A that the web hosts streaming Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog would be up to the challenge today, has been crashing all morning, and server traffic has been slow at best. Per the Twitter of star Felicia Day: “Wow, Horrible is breaking all the internet. Their site, my site, their fan site, whedonesque…”

If you want to keep posted on the site’s ups and downs, is a good place to start, but right now the only certain way to watch the musical spectacular is via a $3.99 iTunes season pass. Of course, this could change at any moment, so feel free to comment with updates if you catch them before we do. The one thing we know for sure at this point — any concerns we might have had about a web series of this nature building an audience seem pretty moot.

Meeting Hugo Ortega in Seattle

Yesterday was registration day in Seattle at the MVP Summit followed by an expo where MVPs could meet face to face, many for the first time.  It was great to meet Hugo Ortega in the flesh and it didn’t take him long to pull out his video camera and go around the table.  It’s a quick look at some of the Tablet PC MVPs and find out what tablet they carried to the Summit.  Well done, Hugo.

Hugo does Seattle