Thanks to consumerization, it’s IPO season in analytics

At some inderminate time, very possibly this year, business intelligence favorite Tableau Software will file for its initial public offering. When it does, it will be in good company, along with others that were smart enough to ride the twin waves of consumerization and big data.

Teradata taps Hortonworks to improve Hadoop story

Data-warehouse veteran Teradata has tightened its embrace of the Hadoop big data platform via a partnership with Hortonworks. The goal is to give customers big data environments that integrate everything from the Teradata Database for advanced SQL analytics and the Hortonworks Data Platform Hadoop distribution.

Hadoop startup WibiData raises $5M to power web analytics

WibiData, a Hadoop-based startup focused on making it easier to analyze user behavior, has raised $5 million from New Enterprise Associates. The company, formerly known as Odiago, launched in late 2011 already claiming Wikipedia and Atlassian among its early customers.

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’

Hadoop features front and center in the discussion of how to implement a big data strategy, one of the biggest trends in IT. There’s just one problem that keeps cropping up: many people don’t seem to know exactly what it means when somebody says “Hadoop.”

Under the covers of eBay’s big data operation

For eBay, big data is serious business. Every day, the site stores and analyzes data from millions of users buying, selling and searching for hundreds of millions of products. It handles all this data with lots of Hadoop, although a good data warehouse doesn’t hurt either.

Pentaho changes ETL license for big data push

Pentaho is moving its business intelligence tools to the Apache license to make them more compatible with big data technologies that already operate under that license. Pentaho’s Kettle extract, transform, load (ETL) technology was previously available under the LGPL or lesser Gnu General Public License.

Metamarkets takes its big-data-in-the-cloud message to the masses

Metamarkets is readying its cloud-based big data platform for significant business growth by making key personnel changes and spreading its wings into new industries. Co-founder Mike Driscoll is stepping up to CEO, and the company is moving into the gaming and social media spaces.

Some big thoughts on big data and cloud for 2012

This year may have been the beginning of the big data onslaught, but big data will only get bigger in 2012. Watch for companies to check out specialized databases for different data types and to segment their data centers for old and new workloads.

Major investments show promise of big data in biotech

Cloud-based DNA-sequencing specialist DNAnexus has closed a $15 million second round led by Google Ventures and TPG Biotech. Elsewhere, we learned Wednesday that agribusiness giant Monsanto has deployed Cloudant’s NoSQL database as the underpinning of the company’s genomics system.

IBM eyes big data at big banks with Platform buy

IBM on Tuesday acquired Platform Computing, a company that made a name for itself in high-performance computing but recently made a splash in the cloud computing and big data spaces. It’s likely these areas that had IBM in a buying mood.