Salesforce Annual Run Rate Tops $1.2B: Benioff

benioffSalesforce’s (s crm) revenue run rate is currently more than $1.2 billion, CEO Marc Benioff said during a talk at the Oracle (s orcl) World conference in San Francisco today. And over 63,000 customers are using the company’s cloud-based services, according to Benioff, who spent 13 years at Oracle. “The power of cloud computing is the democratization of technology, allowing everybody to have the same access to the same code, the same capability through a robust sharing model, and that’s how we get to over 63,000 companies using our services,” he said. Read More about Salesforce Annual Run Rate Tops $1.2B: Benioff

Looking Back at Structure 09: Some Fun Moments & Photos

Last week, we hosted our second annual day-long infrastructure conference, Structure 09, in San Francisco. The sold-out event brought together some of the industry’s leading minds to discuss the issues surrounding web infrastructure. If Structure 08 was about the what and why of cloud computing, Structure 09 not only looked at the progress made over the last 12 months, but also focused on use cases and the methods of improving the fast-evolving cloud computing paradigm. The increased presence of the who’s who of the technology industry — IBM, HP, Microsoft, EMC and Akamai — is a sign that the cloud is no longer a mere curiosity. You can also read the complete wrap-up of the conference and its key takeaways over on our subscription-only service, GigaOM Pro.

And while Structure 09 was crammed with incredibly insightful moments, the participants made sure things never got too intense. Marc Benioff, the CEO of, mocked the Zen-like utterings of his mentor, Larry Ellison, CEO and founder of Oracle. He also drew hearty laughs from the audience when he labeled Azure, Microsoft’s cloud effort, “AZune.” Zune is the much-vaunted digital music player Microsoft launched to compete with Apple’s iPod, though it has failed to unseat the iPod from its perch just yet. Read More about Looking Back at Structure 09: Some Fun Moments & Photos

Structure 09: Marc Benioff on the Key to Salesforce’s Success and the Move to Real-Time

Structure-090625-1428-D71_5137 (s crm) CEO Marc Benioff sat down with Om during this afternoon’s keynote to talk about his company’s success and how cloud computing technology is socially impacting the world. To start, Benioff joked about how Oracle (s orcl) CEO Larry Ellison shifted his perspective on cloud computing. Ellison “said something very zen” during Oracle’s earnings call earlier this week, Benioff said.

But Ellison’s view on cloud computing isn’t the only thing that’s changed. With the rise of Twitter, Benioff said, more customers are demanding the ability to “make and develop in real-time,” and companies should be prepared to deliver on that demand. He warned that companies that don’t will “not be tolerated by a customer much longer.” Read More about Structure 09: Marc Benioff on the Key to Salesforce’s Success and the Move to Real-Time

See You at Structure09!

Tomorrow is Structure 09, the GigaOM Network’s second annual infrastructure and cloud computing conference, and the GigaOM Pro team will be hanging out all day at the San Francisco Mission Bay Conference Center. We’re looking forward to the keynote addresses from Akamai CEO Paul Sagan and Marc Benioff,’s founder, CEO and chairman — but we’re also looking forward to spending plenty of time with the rest of the attendees and speakers. The whole GigaOM Pro Infrastructure crew will be on hand to answer questions and talk shop.

App Review: Daniel X — Clichéd Alien Hunters Don’t Come Cheap

title=Daniel X
Increasingly, geeky pasttimes are seeping into the mainstream. Like creatures in a Neil Gaiman story, the boundary between the dimension of the fantastical and the land of the normal is blurring. And with that blur, faithful adaptations of heroes and villains have made the leap to the world of movies.
That means that in addition to Spider-Man, regular folk are suddenly familiar with the likes of Dr. Manhattan, Coraline and Hellboy. What’s more, graphic novels are showing up on our iPhone screens. Scrollmotion’s latest app, Daniel X, brings to us the adventures of a teenage alien hunter with a vivid imagination. Read More about App Review: Daniel X — Clichéd Alien Hunters Don’t Come Cheap

F|R: 5 Reasons to Go All Angel à la Lookery

This week, Lookery, the ad network launched last July to serve über-cheap ads into Facebook applications, has announced a new $2.25 million round of funding. It’s a nice sum for the 14-month-old startup, which now sends Facebook some 3 billion ads a month, according to Lookery’s CEO, Scott Rafer.

But here’s what’s really interesting: Rafer and his cofounder, David Cancel, elected to raise the money almost entirely from angels, forgoing the traditional venture capital most companies would pursue at this stage. This is Lookery’s second funding event. In January, it raised a $1 million note, which converts to equity given in this deal.

The participant list is heady, including founder Marc Benioff; Reed Hundt; Tickle founders James Currier and Stan Chudnovsky; and’s Scott Kurnit. There are some notable VCs in the deal, too, but they’re participating individually, not with their firms: Ted Dintersmith, late of Charles River Ventures; Ravi Mhatre of Lightspeed; and Allen Morgan, of the Mayfield Fund, who is also a Lookery director.

Serial founders with good track records, Rafer (MyBlogLog) and Cancel ( could have gone after marquee venture firms if they’d want to, but the pair has specific reasons for favoring angels. After the jump, Rafer explains why other founders ought to consider doing the same. Read More about F|R: 5 Reasons to Go All Angel à la Lookery