How publishers are getting over the app debate: 3 examples

Fewer publishers are treating apps as a make-or-break business decision. Instead, a shift in the economics of app making means publishers can choose from a wider variety of app options that are tailored to the type of content they produce.

How media companies can think more like startups

Many startups like Tumblr and Airbnb have become successful because they focused on filling a need that their founders had, and then turned that into a business, and there are a number of important lessons in that kind of approach for traditional media companies.

Sandboxing troubles: MPlayerX leaves Mac App Store

How much security is too much? Apple’s sandboxing rules for its Mac App Store are supposed to keep malware in check, but the developer of MPlayerX is charging that it prevents the video player from loading subtitles. MPlayerX isn’t the fist app to leave the store.

Hey, Twitter — shouldn’t it be about the users?

The reaction to Twitter’s restrictions on its API has focused mostly on whether the moves are unfair to third-party developers and apps. But what about the impact they will have on users? Twitter seems to care more about monetizing its network than what users want.

Facebook’s read it later comes from Spool

Facebook plans to introduce “read-it-later” features into its mobile app. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, because this was one of the core offerings of Spool, a tiny startup Facebook acquired earlier this summer.

Tweetbot’s new Mac client gets buzz as Twitter crackdown looms

The popular iPhone client Tweetbot will now have an application for Mac, an exciting development for fans of the product, but an interesting development to come just as Twitter has announced plans to restrict third-party use of its API and keep Twitter users on Twitter products.

Why links matter: Linking is the lifeblood of the web

Many online media outlets continue to rewrite news without providing a link to the original source, but doing this is both rude and short-sighted: Linking is one of the fundamental underpinnings of the internet and a crucial part of the culture of the web.