7 stories to read this weekend

Reality TV, Raymond Chandler, Miami cold case, a dead hedge fund manager and privacy in the age of Facebook, circa 1985 — here are some of the the stories on the menu for this weekend. Enjoy!

Shuffler.fm releases iPhone app for its music discovery service

Growing number of music blogs makes it difficult to checkout all the music highlighted by the musical tastemakers. Enter Shuffler.fm, a smart blog aggregator that is making discovery of music more personal and simple. And now they have an iPhone app, that is worth checking out

What is Curation? [Video]

Curation has been a hot topic of discussion. Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest are the engines of “curation” Today, Percolate, a startup put up a video about curation that is worth watching. It is an enjoyable video that explains curation in a simple yet articulate manner.