The Ubuntu Edge campaign is in trouble, and here’s why

Canonical is not on track to hit the lofty $32 million crowdfunding target it set for its smartphone. And telling its Linux-centric fanbase that openness and hackability are not top priorities will not help its cause.

Calxeda finds a new market in storage

Calxeda, the startup building ARM-based servers for the scale out data center, has sold 130 systems and expects customers to put its systems into production before the end of the second quarter of 2013. Plus, it’s finding success in a completely new market — storage.

Dell tests open-source laptop for developers

With its Project Sputnik laptop, Dell hopes to lure Linux-loving developers back into its camp and perhaps even get some who defected to Mac OSX to return to the open source fold. The laptop bundles Ubuntu, tools and an on-ramp to github repositories.

Cars, gadgets on collision course at CES

The line between car and home entertainment center is getting blurrier by the minute as electronics makers and car companies take to the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 and concurrent Detroit Auto show to strut their stuff. Here’s a sampling of the news.