Marketo raises $50M for revenue management in the cloud

Marketo, a SaaS startup focusing on revenue performance management, has raised a $50 million round with Battery Ventures leading the way. Marketo has been on a roll, totaling $107 million in VC investment, and now earning upward of $40 million a year in revenue.

In SaaS, you can’t assimilate, so integrate

In the world of Software as a Service, integration is critical. It gets small SaaS providers in front of new potential customers already predisposed to buying cloud-based services, and it gives individual SaaS vendors a fighting chance against large software vendors with lots of products and salespeople.

My 8 Commandments for Marketing Your Startup

I’m one of the co-founders of two-year-old startup Marketo, a marketing automation company serving B2B companies. I’m also VP of marketing, meaning I’m under constant pressure to take Marketo’s own messaging to new heights. After all, if we can’t market ourselves like a world-class company — and make it look easy — why would customers ask us to help them do it?

The challenge: How to do all this with a limited budget and limited resources. At Marketo, we’ve had our share of ups and downs, but I’ve learned important rules about how to be a better marketer that I think will help you, too.

The 8 Commandments of Startup Marketing

1. Use free distribution. Our early goal was to extend as many online tentacles as possible so anyone searching for a solution like ours would “come across” us. Since we didn’t have a lot of money, we focused on low-cost tactics like my blog and search engine optimization. This helped us generate search rankings and free site traffic.

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