MarkLogic nets $25M to keep up enterprise NoSQL pitch

MarkLogic has raised $25 million in new venture funding to add more customers for its NoSQL database. It wants to go after companies that have looked to longtime software vendors for relational solutions.

Why big data will be even bigger in 2013

GigaOM Research analysts Jo Maitland and George Gilbert discuss the cloud in 2013: what to know, who to watch, and crazy predictions for the coming months.

How the AP got a hold of its big, old data

Holding onto millions of pieces of archived content it still wanted to monetize, the Associated Press turned to MarkLogic’s NoSQL non-relational database designed for XML files. As publishers try to leverage their years worth of archived, often not tagged content, they’ll need new tools.

LexisNexis puts MarkLogic to work in big data makeover

LexisNexis is pressing MarkLogic’s technology into service for its just-launched Lexis Advance legal service. MarkLogic’s document storage, search and analytics technology replaces legacy home-built code as part of a platform modernization and big data push.

So much Hadoop in so many places

Save for Hortonworks’ foray into the product space, none of today’s myriad Hadoop announcements are particularly earth-shaking, but they’re very meaningful when taken as a whole. They’re part of a larger trend in which anyone with a data-driven business has a Hadoop story to tell customers.

With a New CEO, MarkLogic Eyes Big Data IPO

Unstructured database provider MarkLogic has a new CEO with big-business experience and plans to take fast-growing company public. MarkLogic is nowhere near the size of CEO Ken Bado’s former employer, Autodesk, but it does have a healthy business that belies its relative youth and NoSQL ties.