Scala programmers are in catbird seat, or are they?

Demand for programmers with Scala expertise continues to grow, according to job postings on But things aren’t that simple. If you cut the data other ways, you can pretty much see what you want to see.

Typesafe brings SpringSource co-founder Rod Johnson aboard

Johnson’s presence on Typesafe’s board brings even more credibility to Typesafe’s push to make Scala a top-tier language for scalable enterprise applications. The company will be at JavaOne promoting that vision.

Juniper Networks signs on with Scala

Typesafe continues to push the Scala programming language and associated Akka middleware as top-tier software development tools for the webscale age, and now claims Juniper Networks as a convert. The networking hardware giant will use Scala and Akka in upcoming — and undisclosed — products.

Scala sets sights on top-tier status among the Java faithful

To hear Typesafe folks tell it, the Scala programming language and associated middleware is about to join the ranks of first-tier development tools. And, a new Scala plug-in for the popular Eclipse integrated development environment should help pave the way.