Sensing the future of retail

Embedded sensors are changing the way we manufacture products, operate airplanes, interact at theme parks and monitor sick kids, so why wouldn’t they also change retail. Here’s how shopping could change.

Why the mobile OS market may still be volatile

Data from Mary Meeker’s latest report on internet trends illustrates how much the mobile OS market has changed since 2007. But there some important reasons to believe that the next six years could be just as disruptive.

DocuSign raises $50 million in funding, adds Mary Meeker to board

DocuSign, the e-signature company that you probably used to sign your last offer job offer or mortgage application, has raised $50 million in additional funding and will add Mary Meeker to its board, as was first reported by TechCrunch and filed with the SEC.

Red hot Codecademy gets $10m from Index and KPCB

Education startup Codecademy — which promises to help anyone learn to program with its game-like online courses — is stepping up to the international market with a $10 million round of funding from new backers including Index Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.

The chart that explains media’s addiction to print

A single chart from a presentation by internet analyst Mary Meeker illustrates why the decision to move away from print is such a difficult one for traditional media companies to make — and also why it so important that they do so.

Today in Mobile

All Things D’s D10 conference is dominating the news on an otherwise slow day, with Apple CEO Tim Cook giving his first major public interview since taking the helm last year. But I wanted to direct your attention to the presentation by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins, who explained why CPMs are five times lower on mobile than they are on the desktop. Nobody has really figured out how to make money in mobile advertising, Kleiner explained, and companies like Google are finding that desktop strategies don’t easily transfer to smaller devices like phones and tablets. So as my colleague Tom Krazit illustrates here, Facebook isn’t the only one with a mobile problem.

Everyone has a mobile problem: not just Facebook

It’s the question that has dogged Facebook and likely contributed to its IPO fiasco: does Facebook have a mobile problem? New data shows that it does: but then so does every Internet company trying to figure out how to make money in the mobile landgrab.

Mary Meeker on the economy, mobile, and Facebook

There are very few analysts who make the tech industry stop and listen. Mary Meeker is one of those analysts, and on Wednesday she delivered one of her trademark presentations touching on the global economy, the mobile opportunity, and Facebook’s unprecedented IPO.