Google goes after mug shot sites

Sites that post mug shots humiliate people and damage their career prospects — and engage in a form of blackmail by demanding people pay to take them down. Google, MasterCard and others are starting to respond.

MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom team up to push NFC payments

MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom announced a partnership today that will bring NFC contactless payments to DT’s 93 million mobile customers in Europe. That puts more momentum behind NFC payments and potentially sets up 2013 as a big break-out year for contactless payments.

MasterCard expands PayPass wallet service into a platform

MasterCard is expanding its mobile payment service PayPass into a larger platform called PayPass Wallet Services that will enable PayPal-like online payments and will include APIs for developers to integrate their payment apps and services with PayPass.

MasterCard starts piloting QkR mobile payment app

MasterCard is rolling out the first trial of its QkR mobile application, which allows people to interact and initiate payments via QR codes, NFC tags and other technologies. It is allowing Australian movie goers to order and pay for food from their seat.

MFoundry raises $18M from MasterCard, Intel for mobile payments

MFoundry has emerged as a leader in mobile banking, providing its Software-as-a-Service model to almost 600 banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Now it’s raising $18 million from MasterCard, Intel Capital and others to expand its mobile banking business into mobile payments.