Apple scrambles to fix AppleID security. But how will it restore iCloud trust?

Both Apple and Amazon have quickly moved to close security loopholes. But Wired writer Mat Honan’s experience has rightfully freaked people out. Apple has to make long-term security-policy changes, both practical and symbolic, that communicate to users that they can and should trust iCloud security.

OpenDNS CEO: Security isn’t that hard

Mat Honan’s “epic hacking” isn’t just a cautionary tale for everyday folks, it’s a good lesson for startup founders as well. In this video interview, OpenDNS CEO, David Ulevitch explains why good security practices need to be baked into the company from the beginning.

Woz worries about cloud computing

Not everyone is enamored of the notion of cloud computing. Count Apple co-founder and tech icon Steve Wozniak among the skeptics. Woz worries that consumers putting their information into the cloud sign away their rights to it. “I want to own things,” he said.