Jobs & the future of work according to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

The future of work and jobs is going to be complex and messy. It is fraught with uncertainty and will mean redefining what we think is work. At least that’s what LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner says. And in my opinion, he isn’t that off the mark.

Why is Dan Loeb selling his Yahoo stock? And why now?

Dan Loeb, the activist investor and CEO of Third Point, is selling a substantial part of his Yahoo stock, making a profit of $655 million and leaving the board along with his two appointees. The question is why, and more importantly, why now?

News and the new amplification reality

The media outlets apart from bringing readers news and information now have to embrace a new role: become amplifiers of the right kind of news including that directly shared by sources. Here is why I think so.

Netflix can jump on Facebook at last — but does anyone care?

Netflix has been lobbying to change a law that prevents it from using Facebook to reveal what movies people are watching. It has finally won in Congress but, by this point, doubts about the value of frictionless sharing mean the victory may not be worth much.