Want to hire the right team? Exhaust your interviewees

Want to hire the right people every time? Inkling co-founder and CEO, Matt MacInnis, says it comes down to making sure each person you add perpetuates your company’s values. Oh, and asking them questions when they are super tired helps too.

Inkling launches Frommer’s travel guides for iPhone and iPad

Inkling, which started out as an iPad textbook publisher and recently launched an interactive e-book publishing platform called Habitat, is moving further into the consumer realm with a new series of Frommer’s interactive digital travel guides.

iPad book publisher Inkling does its own free e-book platform

Almost a month after Apple introduced its own interactive e-book publishing platform, iBooks Author, iPad publishing startup Inkling is introducing its own version, called Inkling Habitat. It’s a free, cloud-based publishing platform aimed at professional publishers.

The book is great technology, but it’s not good for everything

Printed books may have been groundbreaking technology 500 years ago, and they still have plenty of value as an information-distribution platform — but they are no longer good for every purpose, Matt MacInnis of digital textbook publisher Inkling told the GigaOM RoadMap conference on Thursday.